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Sunday was the final day of Takeaway Tunes

by admin on May.24, 2010, under Takeaway Tunes

Our grassy musical oasis is no more, but the Takeaway Tunes recordings live on! Thanks to all who made it down to say hi, hang out, buy local music n merch, and support the musicians who came in to record.

Sunday’s recordings kicked off with the dulcet tones of soloist Jane Harris and her impressive eight song set. She is soon to fly the coop for Euro adventures, so it was great to be able to document her fledging but fantastic musical efforts.


Jane Harris. Image by Dan Grant.

Untitled (1)

Untitled (2)

Untitled (3)

Untitled (4)


Untitled (6)

Untitled (7)

Untitled (8)

As the sky darkened, Owls Collective extraordinaire Rupert Thomas came by with a stack of equipment, an ironing board, parental slash friend support, and four meandering, poignent songs to test out. May we also take this opportunity to spruik the impressive wares that Owls provided us with, including Rebecca Orchard’s handcrafted ‘Covers’ publication. It’s taking pride of place on our book shelf, and we can only shake our heads at the suckers who missed out on the opportunity to spend $5 and take home a piece of awesome.


Rupert of Owls Fame. Image by Dan Grant.

Untitled (1)

Untitled (2)

Untitled (3)

Untitled (4)

Finally, we were delighted to have the inimitable Hayley Beth close proceedings, and boy did she smash it. Hayley was accompanied on most tracks by multi-instrumentalist Beau Walker, who, she informed us, was wearing underpants for the occasion instead of freeballin’. Nice one Beau!

Hayley Beth and Beau Walker

Official Takeaway Tunes top-selling artist Hayley Beth. Image by Dan Grant.

Sons of Bachelors

Bar at Sea

Crooked Spine



Oh Me Oh My

So dang, that’s it for LIMV’s WAMi antics this year. We are pretty exhausted, but more than satisfied with how everything turned out. Now get ready for a pile of thank yous… to all the labels and bands who stocked their labours of love with us, our smashing photographers Thomas Rowe and Dan Grant, the Crombie Bros for helping us set up shop, our liquor store landlady for agreeing to rent the space to us, Sarah Norton for asking us back to contribute to the 2010 WAMi Festival, Cut and Paste crew for filming our shiz, the Sleeping With the Band artists and subjects, Nat Carson and Al McEwen, everyone who came in to record, and of course the king amongst men, Laurie Sinagra.

We hope to see y’all next year for another temporary recording studio permutation! If your load of LIMV needs topping up, please join us at the Bird this Saturday May 29 from 8pm for the launch of Adem K’s Community Chest, supported by the Painkillers and the Gizzards. Laurie will also be DJing, so go slap him on the back and and tell him about your favourite recording.

Finally, be sure to check Friday’s and Saturday’s posts for some new additions – we’ve just uploaded those four extra Taco Leg songs and Tomas’ finale ‘Six Times’, and they rule!

Love LIMV xx

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