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What is Takeaway Tunes?

by admin on May.29, 2010, under Takeaway Tunes

For the 2010 WAMi Festival (May 19 – 23 2010), Love Is My Velocity opened a new temporary takeaway joint at 54 Lake Street, Northbridge. We took over an empty shop and filled the space with a range of local music sounds, wares and activities that ran for five days throughout the festival.  We had an ace time, inviting all our favourite bands to come in, play and record as well as setting up shop and selling great music to a whole range of people, from interested onlookers to music aficionados.


For the first time, Love Is My Velocity presented a pop-up local music shop (complete with real grass!) to promote the hardworking independent label scene. We stocked music and other merchandise from WA’s thriving community of local labels, including Meupe, Hidden Shoal, Walking Horse Records, Badminton Bandit, The Community, Grave New World, Owls, Heartless Robot and Jarrah Records. The goods of independent Perth bands and musicians were also represented.


Not just your usual record shop, Takeaway Tunes was also a hive of activity, featuring in-store performances throughout the festival. Housed within the Pop-Up Shop and following on from 2009’s Bank Notes, Love Is My Velocity and sound engineer Laurie Sinagra again teamed up, recording eleven local bands or soloists in five days so punters could ‘takeaway’ the WAMi recordings for free.

We invited Eleventh He Reaches London, The Ghost Hotel, The Benedict Moleta Band, Schvendes, Tomas Ford, The Bank Holidays, The Tigers, Taco Leg, Jane Harris, Owls and Hayley Beth to come and play.

Download recordings for FREE!

All the tracks recorded are available for FREE to download below! Just right click the links and ’save as’. There are also awesome images and a rundown of each days events to gawk at, so go right ahead.

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Sunday was the final day of Takeaway Tunes

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Our grassy musical oasis is no more, but the Takeaway Tunes recordings live on! Thanks to all who made it down to say hi, hang out, buy local music n merch, and support the musicians who came in to record.

Sunday’s recordings kicked off with the dulcet tones of soloist Jane Harris and her impressive eight song set. She is soon to fly the coop for Euro adventures, so it was great to be able to document her fledging but fantastic musical efforts.


Jane Harris. Image by Dan Grant.

Untitled (1)

Untitled (2)

Untitled (3)

Untitled (4)


Untitled (6)

Untitled (7)

Untitled (8)

As the sky darkened, Owls Collective extraordinaire Rupert Thomas came by with a stack of equipment, an ironing board, parental slash friend support, and four meandering, poignent songs to test out. May we also take this opportunity to spruik the impressive wares that Owls provided us with, including Rebecca Orchard’s handcrafted ‘Covers’ publication. It’s taking pride of place on our book shelf, and we can only shake our heads at the suckers who missed out on the opportunity to spend $5 and take home a piece of awesome.


Rupert of Owls Fame. Image by Dan Grant.

Untitled (1)

Untitled (2)

Untitled (3)

Untitled (4)

Finally, we were delighted to have the inimitable Hayley Beth close proceedings, and boy did she smash it. Hayley was accompanied on most tracks by multi-instrumentalist Beau Walker, who, she informed us, was wearing underpants for the occasion instead of freeballin’. Nice one Beau!

Hayley Beth and Beau Walker

Official Takeaway Tunes top-selling artist Hayley Beth. Image by Dan Grant.

Sons of Bachelors

Bar at Sea

Crooked Spine



Oh Me Oh My

So dang, that’s it for LIMV’s WAMi antics this year. We are pretty exhausted, but more than satisfied with how everything turned out. Now get ready for a pile of thank yous… to all the labels and bands who stocked their labours of love with us, our smashing photographers Thomas Rowe and Dan Grant, the Crombie Bros for helping us set up shop, our liquor store landlady for agreeing to rent the space to us, Sarah Norton for asking us back to contribute to the 2010 WAMi Festival, Cut and Paste crew for filming our shiz, the Sleeping With the Band artists and subjects, Nat Carson and Al McEwen, everyone who came in to record, and of course the king amongst men, Laurie Sinagra.

We hope to see y’all next year for another temporary recording studio permutation! If your load of LIMV needs topping up, please join us at the Bird this Saturday May 29 from 8pm for the launch of Adem K’s Community Chest, supported by the Painkillers and the Gizzards. Laurie will also be DJing, so go slap him on the back and and tell him about your favourite recording.

Finally, be sure to check Friday’s and Saturday’s posts for some new additions – we’ve just uploaded those four extra Taco Leg songs and Tomas’ finale ‘Six Times’, and they rule!

Love LIMV xx

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Laurie Sinagra = The Man

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Laurie Sinagra

While we await Sunday’s freshly mixed n mastered tracks, it’s worth pointing out who has been responsible for the awesome toones you’ve been downloading. Laurie Sinagra is pretty much the nicest dude you’ll ever meet, and a super experienced sound engineer to boot. This whole shebang would have been impossible without him, and we can’t thank him enough for hanging out with us over the last five days and making all the bands sound so amazing. Our only regret – not recording Tomas Ford’s impromtu ode to his skills during sound check. Thanks Laurie, you’re the man!

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Takeaway Tunes Day Four – The Bank Holidays, The Tigers and Taco Leg

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James Crombie from The Bank Holidays. Also grassy knoll creator and expert. Image by Thomas Rowe

Saturday! Alright! We opened up and prepared for our busiest day yet.  First off the mark, band-wise were The Bank Holidays, who played a one-off acoustic set without their drummer and charmed everyone with songs off their new yet-to-be released album ‘Sail Becomes a Kite’. You can get a taste for the songs in their raw form right here. Special shout out to James Crombie from The Bank Holidays, who was also the mastermind behind the design of the Takeaway Tunes shop. Much respect to his skills, which you may have appreciated if you came into the store, which as you can hear, also extend to great harmonies!

Without It

Tripping Up To Fall In Love

His Majesty’s Voice

Through The Trees


She’s Not Into Love

The Greatest Game


The Nicest Band. The Tigers. Image by Thomas Rowe

In the early evening The Tigers came in to lay down twelve tracks, being the only band to take our hour long set times to heart. What great dudes. With over a decades worth of material they were up to the task, ending with a cover of Amerie’s ‘1 Thing’.


Richard Thompson

Beautiful Florist

Swap Song 2

Brando’s Ring

Elevator Song


Marry Him Off

Nice Day In

Librarian Girl

The Nicest Band

1 Thing


Taco Leg. Image by Thomas Rowe

Last on Saturday night was Taco Leg who played ten songs with a few covers thrown in for good measure. Taco Leg are about to record an album so they saved up most of their regular tracks, but did smash out a sick n sludgey rendition of Freemason’s Hall and some charming limited note improvs.

The Original

Skull Bitch (Bodyrot cover)

The Money Will Roll Right In (Fang cover)

I Wanna Puke on Yr Stereo (Frumpies cover)

You Belong To Me (Taylor Swift cover)

Brainburner (No Age cover)

Gossip Girl

Three Note Song

Four Note Song

Gimme Gimme Gimme (Black Flag cover)

Freemason’s Hall

Lastly, a big thanks to Thomas Rowe who documented 3/5 days of recording with his sick ass new camera, and to Dan Grant, who happily snapped away on the other two days. Awesome job doods!

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One more day of Takeaway Tunes

by admin on May.22, 2010, under Takeaway Tunes

Man, Saturday ruled! Even though the songs are currently being mastered and won’t be up til tomorrow arvo, we wanted to spruik the three new sets that await, and take this opportunity to thank all the bands who have participated so far. We hope you’re enjoying their songs as much as we’ve enjoyed having them in to record (ie HEAPS).

Today the afternoon sun shone as the Bank Holidays introduced us to new songs off their soon-to-be-released album, Sail Becomes A Kite, plus some familiar tunes that put smiles on dials. Then the Tigers broke Li’l Leonie Lionheart’s ten song record from last year’s Bank Notes, completing 12 amazing songs in their session including THE BEST COVER EVER, Amerie’s 1 Thing. Fuuuuuuuuck. We can’t wait to hear this, and all their other tracks. The Tigers are so good! And finally, Taco Leg totally owned the young night with 10 tracks that were as epic as they were brief as they were brutally awesome.

Words cannot describe how happy we are after four days spruiking local music and musos in Takeaway Tunes. May we encourage you to head to 54 Lake Street Northbridge from 3pm on Sunday for the final day of recording? See Jane Harris (3-4pm), the Owls Collective (6-7pm) and Hayley Beth (8-9pm) and load up on local music treats (including Sleeping With the Band pillowcases) before the shop closes for business at 9pm.

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Takeaway Tunes Day Three – Schvendes and Tomas Ford

by admin on May.22, 2010, under Takeaway Tunes


Schvendes at Takeaway Tunes. Image by Thomas Rowe

Day three of Takeaway Tunes rolled around and we said hello to more customers as well as curious onlookers who were keen to check out the joint.

First up for the bands today were Schvendes, who were moved forward half an hour to ensure that Tara (keyboard player extraordinaire) could go and wow the crowd at a recital later that night. (Go Tara!) Schvendes pretty much nailed all six songs they played and left the crowd in awe of their musical skills and their corresponding ability to rock out on mounds of grass.


St Rita’s Home

Friends with Deficits

Shades of Grey


Wake Me Up

Lay the Noose


Tomas Ford, sound magician. Image by Thomas Rowe.

After Schvendes came Tomas Ford for his late Friday night solo set. Tomas had told us that he planned on playing his first acoustic set ever for his Takeaway Tunes slot, so were intrigued as to what he was going to pull out of his bag of tricks on the night. Well he certainly did play an acoustic set, but this was quite different to your usual singer/songwriter with acoustic guitar, as it involved spoken word, crowd participation, a cover of ‘New York, New York’ and singalongs. Plus, Tomas wrote an ode to our sound engineer Laurie as an impromptu soundchecking song, which we are gutted we don’t have the recording of. But those who weren’t there will have to settle for the following recordings, which should give you some sense of the force of nature that is Tomas Ford.

Tomas Ford


Electricity Solo


Postal Aid Package From Mum (Abridged)

New York, New York

Bash Myself

*Updated* Six Times

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Takeaway Tunes Day Two: The Ghost Hotel and the Benedict Moleta Band

by admin on May.21, 2010, under Takeaway Tunes


Benedict Moleta and Sam Scherr. Image by Dan Grant.

Day Two in the Takeaway Tunes shop was much like Day One. Here are some things frequently said by Lake Street passers-by:

“Who are you, and what are you doing?”

“What’s with the grass?”

“What a good idea!”

“Different, isn’t it?”

“Help me, I have a drug problem.”

The last one isn’t so much said as inferred by us. We also sold numerous wares to local music fans and newcomers alike, and then hosted two great sets by the Ghost Hotel and Benedict Moleta. Download the mp3s below!


The Ghost Hotel. Image by Dan Grant. Struggling weight-lifter face by Jake Snell.

The Ghost Hotel

Electric Shoes



Let Your Hand Be Your Guide


Sing It


Benedict Moleta and Sam Scherr. Image by Dan Grant. Surprised face by Sam Scherr.

The Benedict Moleta Band

The Rushing Sound

Inlet Manifold


Beach House

Lowered Kingswood


Check back here tomorrow for tracks from tonight’s sessions, featuring Schvendes and Tomas Ford. Also, check the Takeaway Tunes shop at 54 Lake Street in Northbridge for the first of our big two three-part weekend sessions, featuring the Bank Holidays, the Tigers and Taco Leg. They start at 3pm, so wake up, eat some porridge, meet a friend, get a dim sum, sit still with your belt unbuckled for about 30 minutes, then come down and say hi.

PS: The Sleep With the Band pillowcases are going like hotcakes, so if you had your eyes on a particular disembodied head, you better come buy it. While you’re at it, check out some of the amazing products we’re selling from Perth labels and independent artists.

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Day One – Eleventh He Reaches London tracks

by admin on May.20, 2010, under Takeaway Tunes


Eleventh He Reaches London at Takeaway Tunes. Image by Thomas Rowe

After a day of spritzing the lawn and fielding questions from baffled passersby (“What is this place?”, “Is the grass real?!)”, the five members of Eleventh He Reaches London did us the honour of launching the recording studio component of Takeaway Tunes. They played an epic five-song set (average song length: 13 minutes) to a receptive crowd that crammed into the space and spilled out onto Lake Street.

The five tracks are now available to download below.

Hollow Be My Name

I am The Bearer, I Stand In Need


For The Commonwealth and The Queen

Long Grows The List of The Live and Dead Pretenders

Thanks to Eleventh for playing!

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