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6s & 7s Choose The Sentinel Blooze album launch

Josh Fontaine releases an album!

Saturday, 3 July 2010
The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth


Adem K Community Chest CD Launch, The Bird, Northbridge, May 2010

Adem K launched his debut solo record at The Bird, with The Gizzards and The Painkillers in support.

Takeaway Tunes, Pop-up Shop & Recording Studio, 54 Lake St, Northbridge, May 2010

We opened a store for a week and filled it with excellent wares and sounds for the WAMi festival in 2010. Love Is My Velocity also invited 11 bands to come in and record in the shop and uploaded the tracks to our website for free download the day after. Check the website here.

RISO Publication Launch, The Bird, Northbridge, May 2010

At the new venue, The Bird, in Northbridge Love Is My Velocity launched the limited edition poster publication RISO at a party and gig featuring performances from Is Swan, Astral Travel and Taco Leg.

Ghostdrums USB Launch, Bar 459, Rosemount Hotel, April 2010

Love Is My Velocity launch a 4 track USB release from Ghostdrums with a gig at Bar 459 at the Rosemount Hotel, North Perth. Ample support and excellence was also provided by Lil Leonie Lionheart vs Rabbit Island and Chris Cobilis.

Come Hither Noise Performance, Fremantle Arts Centre, July 2009

Love Is My Velocity curated an unamplified improvised collaboration between Craig McElhinney, Chris Cobilis and Traianos Pakiousfakis for the opening of Fremantle Art Centre’s sound art exhibition Come Hither Noise.

Love Is My Velocity Cookbook II Launch, May 2009

The second LIMV Cookbook was launched with an epic gig at the Hellenic Community Centre in Northbridge. The Tigers, the Bank Holidays, 6s and 7s, Abbe May performed, and artist group the Inter Collective staged an installation/performance consisting of the baking and serving of bread.

Love Is My Velocity Cookbook II Exhibition, May 2009

An exhibition of original work featured in the Love Is My Velocity Cookbook II at 214 Charles Street, a disused bank shopfront on William Street in Northbridge.

Bank Notes Recording Studio, May 2009

A three day temporary recording studio set up in a disused bank building in Northbridge as part of the Western Australian Music Industry Association’s 2009 WAMi Festival. Bands were invited to record over two hours each in a space open to the public. The tracks recorded were uploaded for free download from an mp3 blog every night. Artists and bands ranged from experienced acts such as Abbe May, When the Sky Fell (Adem
K), Chris Cobilis & Chris Hudson (The Tigers) and Extortion to newer faces like Boys Boys Boys!, 7
Weapons, Li’l Leonie Lionheart, Astral Travel, Wind Waker and Carbuncle.
Visit the project site here

Windows on William Shopfront Exhibition, May 2009

As part of the launch of the Love Is My Velocity Cookbook II, Love is My Velocity curated a special WAMi Festival edition of the Windows on William exhibition. Fashion designers and artists were teamed up with Perth bands to create displays that were installed in shopfront windows of members of the William Street Collective.

Gameway, Perth Laneway Festival, February 2009

DJs, projections and games of Nintendo, Twister, Boggle, even a Spirograph, for PICA’s bar space as part of the inaugural 2009 Perth Laneway Festival.

The Tigers/Stina Split 7” Launch, November 2008

The launch of the fifth in Love Is My Velocity’s continuing split 7” series, featuring the Tigers’ Now That I’m Old Whatever Shall I Do With My Whimsical Hardcore Tattoos and Stina’s Apple of Mine and Only Two.

Tujiko Noriko Tour, August 2008

A performance by Japanese artist Tujiko Noriko. Tujiko played live following a showing of her film Sand and Mini Hawaii for audiences at The Bakery in Northbridge. The show also included a four-hour extended set by noise band The Ghost of 29 Megacycles.

First Page Launch, August 2008

The launch party at the Bakery ARTRAGE Complex for cross-platform publication First Page. First Page featured contributions from 22 WA artists and writers who combine text and image in their practice. The original works were displayed at an exhibition opening in the Breadbox Gallery, which was followed by a gig featuring Magic Window, the Ghost of 29 Megacycles, Bone, Josh Fontaine, Hooper’s Store and Fall Electric.

LIMV TGIF Karaoke Night, February 2008

A local music karaoke night where audiences gawked at their local music heroes belting out soft rock classics or join in with their own version of local music hits, along with the standard karaoke fare. The show also featured a performance by Melbourne loop soloist Pikelet.

Exquisite Corpse, November 2007

A gig and exhibition of “exquisite corpse” drawings by the participating bands as part of the Artrage Festival in 2007

The Burton Cool Suit You Can’t Fight City Hall CD-LP Launch, October 2007

Album launch for the second LP by the Burton Cool Suit at the Bakery ARTRAGE Complex.

Bamodi S/T CD-LP Launch, August 2007

Debut album release party for Bamodi’s self-titled album at the Amplifier Bar.

Love Is My Velocity Cookbook Launch, May 2007

The launch of the first volume of the Love Is My Velocity Cookbook at the Bakery ARTRAGE Complex. The launch consisted of an exhibition opening of prints of work featured in the book in the Breadbox Gallery, then performances by Mink Mussel Creek, New Rules for Boats, Institut Polaire and the Painkillers.

Sugar Army/7 Day Weekend Split 7” Launch, May 2007

The launch of the fourth in Love Is My Velocity’s continuing split 7” series, featuring the Sugar Army’s I’ve Got Your Soul and 7 Day Weekend’s WAM Electronic Song of the Year Award-winning Hot Property.

Josh Fontaine/Joe Bludge Split 7” Launch, April 2007

The launch of the third in Love Is My Velocity’s continuing split 7” series, featuring the Josh Fontaine’s WAM Song of the Year Award-winning Holidayz and Joe Bludge’s Hard on a Man.

Every Mixtape is a Love Letter, November 2006

An exhibition of mixtapes from the private collections of Perth music fans as part of the Northbridge Festival.

Tucker Bs/Airport City Shuffle Split 7” Launch, June 2006

The launch of the second in Love Is My Velocity’s continuing split 7” series, featuring the Tucker Bs’ Wow and Airport City Shuffle’s All the Same to Me.

Papa Was a Rodeo, May 2006

A viewing of alt-country musician Jim White’s documentary of the deep American south, Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus, with performances by Perth’s best alt-country bands.

The Bank Holidays/Institut Polaire Split 7” Launch, April 2006

The launch of the first in Love Is My Velocity’s split 7” series, featuring the Bank Holidays’ Bird and Institut Polaire’s WAM Song of the Year Award-winning City Walls and Empires.

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