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The Smallgoods provide tasty treats

by admin on Feb.08, 2009, under Events

Move aside Dorsogna, Love Is My Velocity is donning a butcher’s apron and a classy hairnet in order to present The Smallgoods -  not an array of meats but an awesome Melbourne folk pop group. The show happens at The Velvet Lounge in Mt Lawley on Thursday 19th February 2009, with Benjamin Golby & Bridget Turner, and Nat Carson in support.

This marks The Smallgoods’ first jaunt to Perth, playing in a stripped down three piece format, so we’re throwing them a welcome shindig. Also deserving of warm greetings is Perth’s prodigal son Benjamin Golby (from New Rules for Boats) who is playing his first show since his return from abroad, with a little help from Bridget Turner (from Boys Boys Boys). Nat Carson (from Smallgoods’ labelmates The Bank Holidays) also joins the welcoming committee to kick off the proceedings with a cracking solo set. All in all, it’s a veritable continental roll worth of meaty treats.

The Smallgoods’ music wanders between jaunty folk, spacious epics, dark ballads and gentle psychedelia. Standout proponents of intelligent harmony laden pop music, The Smallgoods bring offerings from Down on the Farm, their third and most ambitious album to date. Released on Melbourne label Lost and Lonesome Records, this album brings the band back to their country roots in the Victorian coastal town of Port Fairy, where they all grew up together.

Did we mention that entry is a mere $7…

Check them out at their myspace

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Laneway – more like Gameway

by admin on Feb.01, 2009, under Events

Love Is My Velocity join their 7 inch single monkeys the Tigers and the Bank Holidays at the Perth leg of the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival this Friday, February 6, 2009.

The PICA Bar will be open as a chill out space for festival patrons during Laneway. While our brosephs bang out the kind of epic sets that inspired us to release their songs on vinyl, we’ll be in there spinning wax (aka putting on hastily made mix CDs) and laying on a spread of beanbags and games (board, card, video and Twister) for people who want to take a break from the heat and enjoy a drink in PICA’s air-conditioned, indoor-plumbing-festooned comfort.

DJing with us are friends and members of local bands the Burton Cool Suit, Bamodi, Mass Birth, Bermuda, Radarmaker and Astral Travel, as well as some other local chumlies. We’ll be playing music keyed into the bands playing. There’ll be punk inspired by Jay Reatard, top 40, indie and hip hop hits inspired by Girl Talk, bar band piano and sax solos inspired by the Hold Steady, and more. Then some people are gonna be DJing according to the themes of “video games” and “nightmares”, so there’s something for everyone, really.

The games we’ll be playing are Streetfighter, Columns, NBA Jam, Uno, Mousetrap, Twister, Boggle, Scrabble, Pictionary, Super Mario 3, Mario Kart 64, and some stuff we don’t even know about yet. We also have a Spirograph set. Remember that thing? You won’t even want to see the bands. We promise.

Love Is My Velocity’s Gameway Festival – in the PICA Bar from 4pm to 12pm, Friday February 6.

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